In July 1995, XDS Bicycle Co., Ltd. was established as an integrated bicycle manufacturing and sales company for the Australia market. For the production of finished vehicles, we mainly manufacture and sell sports bikes using all frame materials such as carbon, lightweight aluminum, titanium, and iron.

There are many bicycle manufacturers and brands around the world, but only a limited number of manufacturers can produce and supply at their own factories. Under these circumstances, we were born with the aim of establishing a “low-carbon society” and “healthy and comfortable life”, and to create and provide new technologies and services that have not yet existed in the world.

The idea behind the company name is “to create a new history.”

Company Profile

The main business of XDS Bicycle Co., Ltd. is the sale of XDS brand bicycles planned and developed at group factories centered on the Main Factory, and OEM build-to-order manufacturing of National brand bicycles and Private brand bicycles. We provide one-stop support for all operations related to planning, development, production, supply, and after-sales service.


Company name

XDS Bicycle Co., Ltd

Date of establishment

July 1, 1995


Address: 23-25 Maygar Blvd, Broadmeadows VIC 3047
Phone: 03 9357 2166
Fax: (03) 9357 3499